At Ash Trees Academy we seek to work in partnership with parents, promoting and enhancing learning opportunities.

There are many ways for parents & carers to help your child with their learning.

  • You can read to your child and listen to your child read, where they are able to. Use interactive stories/eBooks on the internet, for variation and interest.
  • You can develop your child’s knowledge of letters and numbers, look for them within the home environment, practise writing them together on paper, in sand, paint them using water on to a floor or wall surface outside, create them using play dough.
  •   Visit local amenities: libraries, museums, woodland parks, beaches. Talk about the things you see and experience. Your child will develop their vocabulary and will have personal experiences to refer back to at school.
  • Use the computer or iPad at home, there are many wonderful websites and apps that promote home learning. Always ensure your child is closely supervised when using technology. Always monitor their internet activity. Your child will learn about E safety at school- at an appropriate level.
  • Get your child helping preparing food and meals. Talk about the food you are preparing. Allow your child to feel and taste the food and describe how they taste. Where they are able to, allow your child to weigh and measure ingredients.
  • Support your child with their personalised homework. Check your child’s home school communication booklet weekly for details of tasks to complete.
  • Support your child by attending our open afternoons where you can come along and join in with curriculum related activities- be prepared to be creative and get messy!If you require any further support or guidance, please do not hesitate to speak to you child’s class teacher.

We are always happy to meet with families, Jackie May our Family Pupil Support Adviser is always here to support and advise. There will be meetings at least 3 times a year with school staff for parents evening and annual reviews. In addition we have events throughout the year, you will be involved in alongside regular coffee mornings. We encourage families to let us know how we are doing as a school through general discussions, annual questionnaires and parent view If you need a meeting to discuss an issue we are happy to accommodate.


School Times and Lessons

Our school day commences at 9.20 to finishes at 15.20 for KS1 pupils and 15.25 for our KS2 pupils.

Throughout the school day, our EYFS pupils follow the EYFS framework and principles.

Within KS1 and KS2, all National Curriculum subjects are taught across a school week. Lessons vary from class to class throughout the school day.  Individual class timetables are available to parents on request.

We have a school assembly every Friday and collective worship within own classrooms daily.