School Development

Identified area’s for improvement and development.


Leadership and Management

Ensure that leaders, managers and Governors pursue excellence across the school, by working strategically and systematically to improve all aspects of teaching and learning.

Behaviour and Safety

Ensure that pupils become confident and motivated learners, who are eager to move on to their next stage of education.

Quality of Teaching

Improve the quality of teaching, including for EYFS pupils, so that is at least consistently good and moving towards outstanding.  As a result, all pupils in all subjects are challenged in their learning and reach their full potential and are making sustained progress that leads to outstanding achievement.


Ensure that pupils make rapid and sustained progress across EYFS the key stages in English, Mathematics and PSHE; with the clear aspiration of making 3 levels of progress (or a suitably challenging personalised target) by the end of each key stage.

Collaboration and Partnership

The Trust is committed to the development of education practice by maximising collaboration across all academies within the Trust.  We will use wider partnerships, such as parents, multidisciplinary teams, community links, teaching schools and businesses to enhance provision.