Information for Parents

Reopening Information – 2020/2021

Ash Trees Academy Reopening Risk Assessment


We work alongside families to ensure the best possible attendance for our pupils because we know how important attendance is to progress. If however your child is poorly and unable to attend please inform school by 8.50am, please leave a message with the office or on the answer machine explaining the reason for absence. If no contact has been made and school is not informed by 10.00am school will contact the family. If school cannot make contact with parent on the day of absence a letter will be sent home requesting a reason for absence, if this is not completed and returned to school the absence will be marked as unauthorised. Please wherever possible can parents provide copies of appointment/doctors letters. Please note Ash Trees does not support family holidays during term time. We are not permitted to grant holiday leave unless in exceptional circumstances. Any holiday leave of absence must be for exceptional circumstances and an application to school must be made in advance. We do appreciate some of the difficulties that our children and families face, therefore we will be continuing to review each request individually, however, please note that we can no longer assure you that each request for leave of absence for holidays during term time will be authorised. For other absences, school must receive notification in advance by letter or note in the home school diary or a telephone message can be left on the day.

Families Handbook

Parents handbook

School dinners

School Dinners

At the beginning of each week, please send in the correct dinner money in a named envelope stating which days dinners will be required for that week (dinner money envelopes are available from the office).  Or you can pay a term in advance for your child’s meals currently £2.05 per day.  If you have paid for a school dinner and your child is absent, then your account will be in credit for the following week.  All school meals must be paid for in  advance, please note we cannot allow debts to amount up.


All  reception and Key Stage 1 children  are entitled to Free School  Meals as the government has provided funding for this.


A free school meal is available to children whose parents are in receipt of any one of the following:

Income support

Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance

Child Tax Credit (but not if you are also receiving Working Tax Credit) and your joint Annual Taxable Income (as assessed by the Inland Revenue) is £16,190 or less per annum (this figure is subject to change in April of each year).

Employment and Support Allowance (income related)

State pension Credit (Guarantee Element)

Supported under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.


For further information about free school meals or to request an application form you should contact the school office either in person or telephone   01642 563712 or contact Frees School Meals, Municipal Buildings, Stockton 01642 526606.  Please note that free school meals can only be awarded from the date on which the claim is received by the Free School Meals Office.  As applications cannot be backdated it is important that parents/carers submit a claim as soon as they satisfy one of the aforementioned qualifying conditions.

If you do receive any of the listed benefits above please do make a claim as your child could be eligible for pupil premium which the school receives  £1300 for each child registered under pupil premium

School times

The times of our school day are Monday to Friday 9.20 to 15.20. Each phase have an assembly every Friday afternoon. Lessons vary from class to class,  individual class timetables are available to parents on request.


Ash Trees Academy does not arrange home to academy transport.  This is organised and paid for by the local authority.  Each student is assessed individually taking into account their specific need and transport is arranged accordingly.  If you have any issues relating to transport please contact them directly on 01642 527117.


Since Ash Trees became an academy in Nov 2014, we have been working on developing a new logo and uniform alongside our new values, aims and missions. After consultation with parents it has been decided that children’s jumpers and cardigans would be a royal blue/dark blue, with the option of wearing either sky blue or white polo shirts underneath.

Our preferred local supplier continues to be Elizabeth’s Embroidery, 8 Richardson Road, Stockton TS18 3LJ, however if you wish to purchase a plain uniform from another retailer without the Ash Trees logo, this is acceptable. Items purchased from Elizabeth’s Embroidery will have the new Ash trees Academy logo.

Please contact Elizabeth’s Embroidery on 01642 674973 or alternatively you can visit their website  The access password for our school is “Ash”.

Please note there will be a display in the front entrance of school shortly so that families can view samples of uniform with the new logo.

Emergency Closure Procedure

In the event of an emergency, a message will be put on the front page of the website to inform parents/carers of school closures.