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Family Support

Hello, my name is Jackie May and I am the Family and Pupil Support Advisor for Ash Trees Academy.

Being A parent, carer or guardian is hard work. Sometimes we all need a bit of advice, someone to answer our queries or even someone to just talk to about our children’s needs.

I am here here to do just that. I can advise on a whole range of issues to help you with those niggly parenting issues that many of us face. In  addition to this, I would like to aim to help you to become more involved in your childs learning and their school. I am able to offer the following services:
◾Being a link between home and school, for example, talking to teachers on your behalf.
◾Support you in meetings about your child.
◾Keeping you up to date with useful events in the Stockton area.
◾Helping you to help your child with their school work.
◾A ‘Listening ear’ if you have concerns about your child.

I can arrange an appointment with you at school or visit you in the comfort of your own home. I can also arrange to  meet with you at your local community centre, library of childrens centre, wherever is easier for you.

If you would like to have a chat please contact me on: 03339991451 or e-mail

School Council

Playground Development


During School Council meetings it was discussed that our playtimes and lunchtimes need to be made more exciting.  The council talked about what they could do to make it more enjoyable and they decided:
◦That different playground equipment should be put out on different days.
◦Balls should only be on the all-weather pitch.
◦New equipment should be bought.

The council looked at the same catalogues and decided that they would like to change the playground activities to:
◦Dress up clothing.
◦Space hoppers.
◦Throwing games.
◦Space jumpers.
◦A whistle for ball games.

The council also decided to start up the “Playground Buddies” again.  So with the help of Rebecca, all children in upper school who wanted to apply for the position of “Playground Buddy” put their name in a hat and during Friday Celebration assembly, the new Buddies were chosen.


The Buddies were trained in March, so they can now help other children play games, be a good friend and help younger children during lunchtime.