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Sports Premium – ATA – 16-17 ACTUAL

Sports Premium – ATA – 16-17 PLAN

Sports Premium – ATA – 15-16 ACTUAL

Sports Premium – ATA – 14-15 ACTUAL

Sports Funding Expenditure 2013 – 2014

Ash Trees Academy have received funding for PE and Sports! So far children have participated in tennis, snowboarding, MOVE and sensory activities.

Please see the following links for more details:

MOVE programme

Picture4Tennis – A tennis coach has been coming into school and working with our children. So far most of the tennis has been indoors, as the weather gets nicer we are hoping to take tennis outside.  We are also looking into having a lunch time tennis club to give children the opportunity to play.

Ski1Snowboarding – The funding grant has also enabled us to take the children to Silksworth Sports Centre in Sunderland to learn how to do SNOWBOARDING!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic experience.  This half term we will be learning how to ski!


MOVE – MOVE is an activity based programme which uses the combined knowledge of education, therapy and family to teach children with physical disabilities and/or complex needs the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring.  Over the last term our children have been working particularly hard on their sitting and standing skills.  The skills they are developing enable them to improve both their communication and cognition skills as well.



I am working on my sitting skills and holding my head up so that I can see all around.

MOVE2 I am working on my walking skills.  I love to take messages to familiar people around the school.

MOVE3aWhen I am sat in a class chair I am able to lift up my head to communicate with the person in front of me but also see all around what is going on.

Sensory- A number of children within Ash Trees Academy are following sensory programmes within school.  These programmes have been developed with the support of Ocupational Therapists who have provided support and training for staff and in some cases sensory assessments for the children.  Sensory Processing Difficulties can affect a childs ability to fully engage in may aspects of school, community and family life.  Providing opportunities within school for the children to develop the skills to help them engage fully in the world around them is essential for learning, health and wellbeing.

We will keep you updated on our progress.